About Us

About Us

Welcome to Strut & Tie PT System, revolutionizing the new age construction industry! As a specialist Post Tensioning Contract Company based in Kerala, we provide the necessary design assistance, expertise, hardware and associated services for diverse construction projects.

Company Profile

Strut & Tie PT System is a multi-faceted engineering firm born out of the vision of a group of structural engineering professionals with a passion for building cost effective and safe structures.

Established in the year 2013 as Planex Associates, in a short span of time, the company executed structural design of various projects in and around the locality. Later on, in 2018, the name was changed to Strut & Tie PT Systems as apart from designing we started execution of various projects including high rise buildings. Leveraging on the expertise of our efficient structural engineers and excellent administrative crew, today, Strut & Tie PT System has emerged into a leading Post Tensioning contract company in India and abroad.


Strut & Tie Systems is firmly committed to the mission of making structures stronger and durable with post tensioning products and services. We will strive to improve the performance of construction, by designing and building more efficient and durable structures for the benefit of the built environment.


To be known for excellence in providing specialized engineered solutions for structures. We aim to extend the limits of Post tension construction techniques in a diverse range of markets.

Our Team

Our team with years of design and field experience provides exclusive services to clients with no compromise on quality! Strut & Tie PT System offers services that meet the specific needs of the client after grasping a full insight into the uniqueness of the project and the client.

As a major enterprise specialized in post tensioning works, we offer professional design focused structural solutions. Nowadays Post-tensioning applications are utilized in construction projects that would otherwise not be possible in a traditional manner due to either site constraints or architectural requirements. It finds application in residential, commercial and office buildings, parking, as rock and soil anchors, water tanks, bridges and more.

Working as a Team

Strut & Tie PT System was launched by a group of practicing consultant structural engineers with strong technical backup. The extensive expertise in each and every project is driven by the breadth and depth of experience of our qualified team of professionals. Our team develops and integrates products, provides engineering support, repair and maintenance services to provide value-added solutions to owners, engineers and contractors. We take pride in everything we do and offer the best PT products and services to our clients.

As an employee-owned company, we go above and beyond on every project and deliver on our promises with integrity. Our design and installation works are completed with strict adherence to Indian & internationally recognized standards and are carried out by professionally qualified engineers. We stand proud to be part of large-scale projects giving a high quality service with a strong commitment to total client satisfaction.